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  1. August 13, 2016
    Aimee says

    This actually made me laugh. I remember back when I was a freshman in college I was getting flirty vibes from my brother’s best friend and I asked my brother if he would feel comfortable with me hanging out with him. My brother’s response “I don’t care, but he doesn’t like you so whatever.” And here we are 6 and a half years later, still happily dating! I still laugh thinking about that comment. I guess he really didn’t like me, huh?

  2. August 16, 2017
    Nikki says

    Hey guys, my name is nikki I’m 14 yes old and I have a huge problem. I like my best friends brother but he doesnt talk to girls. Apparently he doesn’t like to and my friend (she’s muslim) says that he doesn’t do so because of his religion but I think it’s because he’s shy. He only talks to boys and rarely with girls but for only school related things. What should I do? I have been liking him for a while now and it’s so hard. I go to the same school as him and my best friend. Please help me. This is his junior year and it’s my freshman year. Damn it I like him and I get a heavy feeling in my chest just by thinking of him. I rlly need someone’s help. What can I do?


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