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  1. July 1, 2016
    Stephanie says

    Hello! I actually went through the same thing recently, but I was the one dating the “slimy” guy. I, too, felt like everyone wasn’t supporting me because I truly saw some good qualities in my ex. But what really got me to open my eyes was the honesty of my best friend and sister (their rawness, tears, and unconditional love for me that my ex didn’t exude).

    My best friend said bluntly, “I’ll be honest, I’m uncomfortable that you got back with him after seeing how hurt you were from his toxicity, but I trust you know what is right and I’ll always support you.” Seeing that she still supported me while being honest made me feel comfortable to open up to her with “what ifs” and issues I was encountering with him.

    I’d recommend acting in love and not anger, and still being there for your friend so that she feels safe in your friendship. Amanda said it perfectly as well. Speaking casually about what you two want will spark a conversation that’ll get her to reevaluate her relationship. :)


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