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  1. April 3, 2015
    Yanira says

    I think an important question to ask is how old is this couple. Sex 1 time a week for a couple only one year in, with no kids seems low, the passion shouldn’t have to fade. I’m pass the 30 mark, with the same man for 12 years and the passion is still there, we make sure of it. Women do start to reach their sexual peak later in life and want it more than their partners but even in my 20s, pre-kids, I always was the one wanting more sex. There was a time there were I just didn’t and it ended up being a vitamin deficiency. These are all things to think about, but I agree, you have to deal with this together. Good luck!

  2. April 3, 2015
    Keating says

    My husband and I are the same way. I tend to want sex more often than he does and for a few months, I thought maybe he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. My husband is a Marine and his job is very stressful. His work and sleep schedules also change every 4 months which really throws us off sometimes. He doesn’t always want to go straight to the bedroom when he comes home. It took me a little while to realize how normal these things are and we’ve learned to communicate better because of it. I let him know when I need some extra cuddles and he lets me know when he’s had a rough day and just isn’t in the mood. Communication is key when dealing with things like this! :)


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