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  1. October 9, 2015
    Liz says

    I’ve been feeling this way lately too, so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I didn’t think making friends in my twenties would be so difficult, but it definitely can be. Thanks for your great advice!

    xo, Liz

  2. October 9, 2015
    Maggie says

    Thanks for this! I just moved to a new city and recently got married, so it’s been just me, my husband, and my dog lately. I have my college best friends, but they’re far away. I need to get out of my comfort zone and meet some new girls in my life!

  3. October 21, 2015

    I really appreciate this question! I’m a recent college graduate and newly-wed, living in a new city. While I have a couple of close friends back home in D.C., I’ve been dying to make some more connections. I like the idea of taking a class or something, to make that happen!

  4. February 17, 2016
    Alex Larson says

    Thanks for this! There is other way to find new friends – via social networks, e.g. instagram, fcebook, etc. Btw, my sister’s instagram followers became new friends to her, cause she run different interesting contests and give an awesome feedback. She found them with or smth like that i think.


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