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  1. January 28, 2017
    Ashley says

    Ugh I feel this post on a spiritual level. I lived with a bunch of girls my senior year of college and I was definitely pulling all the weight with chores. Apparently “being a clean person” did not extend any further than their own rooms. By the end I hated going into the kitchen because I was the only one who cleaned the floor or the nasty stove! Talking to them was only ever met with weak, “Oh I’ll try harder” *eye roll*

    But that’s life with roommates, I guess!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch

  2. January 28, 2017
    Becky says

    Perhaps challenging them to consider their behaviour without outright saying anything would get results such as you stopping cleaning or suggesting you all split the cost of a cleaner.

  3. January 30, 2017

    This is my exact living situation right now, except replace college with late-20-something-living-in-San-Francisco. I’ve been the only girl in a house with four boys (one of which is my boyfriend) for going on three years. The flat is definitely my boyfriend and my home, and the boys just live there. Luckily this means that they also rarely use the kitchen, put anything in the fridge, or make general messes, but does leave my boyfriend and I with all the cleaning responsibilities.

    Honestly though I don’t mind it. I know that my level of clean is above average (I’ve probably lived with 20+ roommates over the years) and I’d rather take 45 minutes out of my week to make sure the house is clean than argue about it.

    I’d get a quote from a couple of local house cleaners for just the common areas and present this to the boys. If you divide the cost by five, it should be super reasonable. Good luck!

    We’re actually in the process of replacing two of the roommates, and already have a girl lined up! I’m super excited for the switch! Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!


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