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  1. September 9, 2016
    Kat says

    One thing that struck me was the use of the word “tired”. Yes, relationships take work, but they shouldn’t emotionally or physically exhaust you. There is a difference between work that exhausts and work that rewards. Healthy relationships and a good home life are the latter. It’s true that the good parts are usually so much better than the pain of loneliness that almost everyone does regret break-ups at some point, but that is healthy, too. It’s ok to be sad and lonely, and it is also ok to put your mental and emotional health first, too. I think that we all have a hard time knowing what that means when we are in our 20s. Good luck.

  2. June 30, 2018
    Lebo says

    Hi Amanda. Me n my parrner fight a lot. What scares me is that little thing like me talking to my lady friend on the phone irritates him and makes him to talk in a disrespectful way to me. We fight every two to three days and I feel tired. When we fight I feel like I will e happy alone but again when we not talking to each other I miss him a lot. I love him a lot and want him in my life.


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