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  1. June 9, 2015
    AK says

    Yes! I love OLLY vitamins. They are the only way I can remember to take my vitamins each morning, because they taste so good I’m actually looking forward to taking them! I found myself craving one yesterday and I had to wait until this morning to have one… Can’t think of a better incentive to take them than that!

    One more thing I love is that they are so sweet, but their color, flavors and sweeteners are all from natural sources — fruits, veggies, and herbs! The sugar itself is from beets :)

    1. August 17, 2016
      Elizabeth says

      What happens if you take all vitamins (the ones for adults, not kids)? Is there any danger? Because I noticed on olly’s website they have a vitamin for healthy skin, and one called “undeniable beauty” (for example)

  2. November 28, 2017

    Never heard before about OLLY vitamins. Looks an awesome! Does this brand produce vitamins or multivitamins for infants or teenagers?


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