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3 Quick Ways to Change Your Mindset and Decrease Stress

posted on April 19, 2018 | by Katina Mountanos

3 Quick Ways to Change Your Mindset and Decrease Stress

Life has a weird way of throwing us curveballs as soon as we think we have everything figured out. It seems like one moment, we’re killing it: we’ve done our laundry, have successfully avoided awkwardness at work, and even bought fresh flowers. And then, the next day we bump into an imperfection – whether the train is running late, or our coffee machine breaks.

No matter how small the moment is, it seems to throw off our entire day. And, those moments only seem to happen when we least expect it.

The funny part about growing up, which I’m learning more and more, is that these little imperfections happen more often than we might think. There will always be something that goes “wrong” no matter how far in advance we create our to-do list. But, the best part of it (if there could be one)? We have the power to determine how we want to view those imperfections. We choose what that imperfection looks like – not the other way around. And, it all begins with our mindset. Which is why I’m excited to share a few techniques involving a mindset shift today!

Breath deep

Have you ever noticed that during an argument or stressful situation you’ve forgotten to breathe?

You’re so immersed in the moment; your adrenaline is high and feelings are raw. But, everything seems out of control. That’s because your body isn’t getting enough oxygen.

Breathing is one of the most interesting and accessible tools that we have to regulate our feelings, and hack our minds into lowering our stress levels. Actually, it’s scientifically proven that a few deep breaths will change our blood pressure and cortisol (or stress hormone) levels.

Also, when you take a few deep breaths during those moments of imperfection you help your body switch from your sympathetic nervous system, or your “Fight or Flight” response, to your parasympathetic nervous system. That means that you are changing the way that both your body and mind responds to these stressful situations…just by breathing deeper.

Practice quick gratitude

Do me a favor the next time you want to cry at work due to a coffee spill – get grateful.

Sure, it’s easy to notice a trend of crappy things happening all at once, or even focus on one small issue like a coffee spill – because let’s be honest, that sucks! But, in comparison to all the good in your life, it’s really nothing.

Even if you have to step aside from the spill (literally or figuratively) and list 5 things you’re grateful for in your head, that will work. If you have more time, fill up an entire piece of paper with things you’re thankful for. The things on your list don’t have to be grand – even something as small as “having free coffee at work” is helpful

It’s a super quick practice that will put things in perspective.


I’m not talking about diffusing essential oils somewhere like your office or out in public, don’t worry. There’s actually something even quicker.

I love using this tranquility roller whenever I find myself heated or in use of a moment. It’s basically a really quick way to gain the benefits of aromatherapy.

With essential oils like lavender and cypress, this blend helps to relieve exhaustion or mental fatigue, which is usually when stress sets in. Just roll on pressure points like the side of your temple and under your wrist. Notice your mindset shift almost instantly.

So, what do you do in these situations?