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5 Unexpected Ways to Unwind After Work

posted on April 18, 2019 | by Becky Bush

5 Unexpected Ways to Unwind After Work

Work, as we know, can be extremely stressful! There are so many parts of the day that are out of our control. I don’t know about you – but sometimes I come home in a bad mood because of my day! Before I started actually focusing on unwinding after work, I would carry that stress throughout the rest of my evening. This often caused sleep issues, or let’s be real, fights with my boyfriend.

After a while, I really started to value the idea of unwinding after work. What could I do, even for 15 minutes, that would help me let go of the stress I had throughout the day, and enjoy my evening?

I was always flabbergasted on how CEOs were able to have happy dinners with their families when the world was crashing down around them until I started trying these ways to unwind after work. What tactics have you used to unwind after work? Comment below!

5 Unexpected ways to unwind after work

Adult Coloring Books

There’s something about adult coloring books, with the millions of lines and complicated patterns, that can completely distract your mind. After a busy or stressful day, there’s nothing I want more than to be reminded that there’s more to my world than the stress I’m currently dealing with.

If you’ve never tried an adult coloring book, absolutely try it! I love how complicated the pages are. This gives you the ability to completely step out of your day and practice your mindfulness, which is great for stress relief.

A Walk

I don’t know about y’all, but fresh air does wonders for my brain. If I’ve had a long day, I like to put on a podcast, or my favorite Spotify playlist, Without any specific place to go, I like to move my body, without working it too hard, and take in the scenery.

Anything that helps me be mindful is really helpful for relaxing after a crazy or stressful work day.


There’s nothing that will make you feel relaxed like a little self-care. Self-care means something different for everyone, but for me, I always feel my best after I’m taking care of my physical self. From working out, to face masks (especially any sort of skincare!), I feel refreshed knowing that I’m taking care of my physical body while mentally I’m relaxing.

Time with Friends

It’s really important to understand where you get your energy from. I get my energy from other people, so spending time with friends is one of the best things for me when I’ve had a long day. Being able to talk to other people, understanding that everyone has challenges at work (and it’s not just me, and get out of the mode I was previously in really helps me.

You don’t even have to get Happy Hour with friends (because alcohol doesn’t always help a mood!). Try taking a walk or going to a work out class with friends, that always helps me.


Once I could figure out what kind of books would help me unwind (either completely trashy or self-help), I’m able to sit down with it for hours. It took me a while to find the type of books I liked as an adult, but now that I have – I can’t stop!

Try testing out a few books that you’d like to read, and see which ones help you relax the most! Then, go to town and start reading.

There you have it, unwinding after work is so important – especially for all of us boss babes. What helps you unwind after work? Comment below!