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Advice From a 20 Something

The Advice Column for the Modern Girl.

So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. Well, you've come to the right place! Let's figure this whole life thing out together.

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Self Improvement | by Amanda Holstein

Opt for Optimism: Join me in Spreading Kindness through Self-Love

I’m going to tell you a secret about life. One that you’ll begin to notice everywhere now that I’ve told you. Here it is: the way we treat others is…

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Self Improvement | by Sanhita Mukherjee

4 Alternative Resolutions for 2020

It’s soon to be that time of the year again, when we try to make a collective effort to improve our lives in various ways. I’m talking resolutions! Whether you…

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Self Improvement | by Alyssa Abel

7 Ways to Take Care of YOU This Holiday Season

Ah, the hectic holidays. You dash through the snow to find the perfect gift for every party and person in your life. You try to bake like Martha Stewart and…

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Self Improvement | by Sanhita Mukherjee

3 Things I’m Leaving Behind in This Decade

You know how every December you look back and wonder where the year went? Well, this year, it’s hitting me especially hard because we’re not just entering a new year…

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| by Hannah DiBella

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle During the Winter

Winter = Cozy nights, snowy/rainy days, and if you’re anything like me… comfort food. Cold weather has a way of tricking me into a mindset where I believe it is…

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