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Advice From a 20 Something

The Advice Column for the Modern Girl.

So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. Well, you've come to the right place! Let's figure this whole life thing out together.

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Cleaning & Organizing | by Becky Bush

5 Things To Get Rid of While Spring Cleaning

Ah – the sun is finally shining and I feel like I can awaken from my winter hibernation of Netflix and soup. As the flowers start to bloom and the…

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Travel | by Sanhita Mukherjee

Your Guide to Surviving Solo Travel as an Introvert

When you think of spring break, chances are, you think of intense beach parties, loud music and some pretty vivid cocktails. For many, this is the perfect idea of a…

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Career Advice | by Becky Bush

4 Things I Did When I Got Laid Off From My Job

Shortly after college, I moved across the country (alone!) for a job in San Francisco. I was wide-eyed and beyond excited about getting out into the workforce. Until…a mere six…

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MakeupSkincare | by Lauren Abraham

Amazon Beauty Buys Under $25

Amazon has it all–from home decor, to electronics, to clothing. However, one category that the platform has become increasingly popular for is beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and even hair…

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Dating & Relationships | by Sanhita Mukherjee

4 Ways to Reconnect with Old Friends

Friends who moved to a different city, friends whose lives are drastically different from yours, friends you used to party with in college but don’t really hang out with anymore……

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