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Advice From a 20 Something

The Advice Column for the Modern Girl.

So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. Well, you've come to the right place! Let's figure this whole life thing out together.

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Career Advice | by Lauren Abraham

7 Ways to Be a Great Leader at Work

Leaders don’t always carry the title of CEO, president or manager. No matter what your role at work is, you can show leadership and have a positive influence on those…

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Career Advice | by Sophia Ronga

How to Use Holiday Downtime to Get Ahead in Your Career

If you’ve ever returned home for Thanksgiving or the December holidays, you know there is only so much eating and playing board games with your family to be done. With…

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Career Advice | by Sanhita Mukherjee

5 Productive Things to do When You Just Don’t Feel Like Working

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” How many times have we all come across this quote? Way too often, right? While I do…

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Makeup | by Lauren Abraham

11 Essentials to Keep in Your Travel Makeup Bag

If you’re a makeup lover like me, you know the struggles of trying to narrow down your collection to just a few products to take with you when traveling. This…

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Career AdviceSelf Improvement | by Sanhita Mukherjee

How to Deal With Being Interrupted As a woman

If there is one thing I detest more than mansplaining, it is being interrupted. It has happened to most of us at some point. Think of a time when you…

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