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Advice From a 20 Something

The Advice Column for the Modern Girl.

So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. Well, you've come to the right place! Let's figure this whole life thing out together.

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Career Advice | by Michele Lando

9 Career Resources Every 20 Somethings Can Benefit From

Your twenties are hard, and we’re often bombarded with the feeling that we need to have everything figured out. But the truth is that most of us have no idea…

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Makeup | by Sanhita Mukherjee

4 Reasons I Go Makeup-Free

Growing up, my sister and I were endlessly fascinated with our mom’s dresser. We would peep into the drawer to admire her extensive collection of bright lipsticks, creams and pots…

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Self Improvement | by Chloe Gibson

5 Natural Sleep Remedies You Need in Your Life

I never used to think of sleep as something that stressed me out. Even after I experienced anxiety for the first time when I was 20, sleep still wasn’t usually…

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Hair | by Lauren Abraham

5 Common Hair Myths Debunked

When it comes to hair, we all do different things to keep our locks healthy. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or fall somewhere in between, you most likely…

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Career Advice | by Becky Bush

4 Things To Do if You Have a Conflict with Someone in Your Office

While interacting with so many different people in our twenties, whether it be your Craigslist roommate or the new friends you’re making, it’s normal to occasionally have conflicts with others….

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