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Advice From a 20 Something

The Advice Column for the Modern Girl.

So you've realized just how difficult your 20s are. Well, you've come to the right place! Let's figure this whole life thing out together.

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Outfits | by Amanda Holstein

Using Trunk Club to Update My Spring/Summer Wardrobe

You guys, it’s finally time to break out your spring/summer wardrobe!! I don’t know about you, but these warmer months are my favorite time of year for many reasons, especially…

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Career Advice | by Sanhita Mukherjee

4 ‘Tips for Success’ You Might Want to Rethink

We’ve all read them. Lots and lots of articles about highly successful people – what they do every morning, how they spend their weekends, daily habits they swear by. You…

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Travel | by Sanhita Mukherjee

3 Ways to Make Your next Trip More Memorable

As someone who loves to travel, I think planning and anticipating a holiday is one of the best feelings in the world. The actual vacation is amazing too – if…

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Dating & Relationships | by Jess Ciesla

3 Signs it’s Time to End Your Relationship

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.. relationships are tough. Sometimes we find ourselves in a relationship that doesn’t truly fulfill us, but we stick it out because…

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Career Advice | by Michele Lando

4 Questions I get Asked as a Professional Resume Writer

How long should my resume be? This is a hard question to answer because there is no one size fits all for a resume, but there are some guidelines you…

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