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A Trip to The Piperlime Store

posted on April 11, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

A Trip to The Piperlime Store

piperlime_storeI’m not gonna lie. One of the things I was most looking forward to on my recent trip to NY was finally visiting the Piperlime store in SoHo. Of course, seeing my family and friends was great too, but we all know where my priorities are ;). The reason I am so obsessed with Piperlime is because it’s one of the few retailers that curates its products SO well. While sites like Nordstrom and Shopbop are great, they can be overwhelming. Piperlime makes it so easy for you to shop because they group the items into useful themes, like Splurge Worthy or, my favorite, Girl on a Budget. I would also recommend just about every piece on their website (and in store) for someone – these people know what they’re doing.

So let’s take a little journey inside this shopping haven and see what we find…

piperlime_store3piperlime_store8piperlime_store1piperlime_store4piperlime_store7 piperlime_store6First of all, I love how they took the themes on their site and translated them into the store. Of course, this means I went straight for the Girl on a Budget section. The shoe display was seriously breathtaking. Piperlime is the first online destination I head to for shoes, so I was pleased to see that represented so beautifully in store. The accessories station was also stunning. I loved this arrow-head statement necklace I found. It was great to get to touch the pieces rather than just seeing photos of them online. Once I was finished with my blogger duties taking photos, I put down the camera and did a little shopping. Let’s head into the dressing room and see what I found!

dressing_roomI found myself going straight for the dresses. Partly because it was really feeling like spring in NY, but also because it’s a part of my closet I could use some help in. My rule is to try on as much as possible because you never know what you’ll end up liking. The first dress I tried would have been perfect for work or nice dinners, but it was just a tad too short for such a nice dress, so I had to turn it down. I did pretty well with the other items as you can see…

dressing_room_piperlime dressing_room_piperlime1I went home with the denim dress, the floral dress, and the tropical print top. I also snuck a pair of earrings in there too.

Have you been to the Piperlime Store in SoHo yet?