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Dainty Rings Under $25

posted on October 9, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

Dainty Rings Under $25

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A simple way to update your style without spending a ton is by stacking on a few dainty rings. I’m not one to remove my everyday jewelry on a daily basis. Maybe it’s laziness, but the stack of bracelets I keep on my wrist stays with me in the shower, in bed, all the time. Small little rings are perfect for those of you who hate taking your daily jewelry on and off. They’re light and comfortable enough that you can leave them on all the time. But for such a tiny piece of jewelry, I was surprised to find that so many of these little rings are way overpriced. So I scoured some of my favorite online shops, including Etsy, for a handful of adorable dainty rings all under $25. Take a look!

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