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How to Wear Cropped Flare Jeans

posted on May 4, 2017 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Wear Cropped Flare Jeans

Amanda Holstein in Old Navy cropped flare jeans

You know when you first see a trend and you think, “I would NEVER wear that!”? Well, that was me when I first came across cropped flare jeans. I hated the way the cropped look cut off your legs and made them look shorter, and I was convinced I would never fall for the trend. And now, here we are. I’m not only wearing the trend regularly but showing you how to wear it, too. What made me finally fall in love with cropped flare jeans? Figuring out how to style them so my legs didn’t look like stumps. Once I got that under control, I actually started to really like the silhouette! And maybe you will too. Start with this perfect fitting pair from Old Navy (just $45!).

Tuck in your shirt

Whether you fully tuck in your shirt or just do a little half-tuck, it will really help elongate your legs when wearing these cropped pants. Opting for a high-rise fit will help elongate your legs even more! I love how this airy top sits so casually when half-tucked into these jeans. (And the necklace is by Natalie Borton!)

Old Navy white jeans and linen top with Natalie Borton tassel necklacelight blue linen top with white jeans for summer outfitlight blue linen top from Old Navy with Natalie Borton tassel necklace

Wear nude heels

Heels will certainly help make your legs look long and lean in these pants, but nude or tan heels will do even better. I particularly like these tan mules with my cropped denim flares because they create a sleek line and don’t cut off at your ankles. (Plus, they’re only $35 from Old Navy!)

white jeans and leather mulesOld Navy linen top and white jeans summer outfitAmanda Holstein in Old Navy white cropped flare jeans

If you don’t tuck in your shirt…

If you want to try a top that looks better untucked, I suggest opting for one that 1) shows off your arms and 2) is similar in color to your pants. A sleeveless or short sleeved top can help make you look taller & leaner because you won’t be swallowed up in so much fabric. I opted for this light gray top that blends in with my white pants so that when I left it untucked, it creates one long lean line down my body rather than cutting it off making me look shorter. I’m in love the embroidered detail on this top!

Amanda Holstein in Old Navy topAmanda Holstein in Old Navy top and white jeansAmanda Holstein in Old Navy white jeans for summer outfitAmanda Holstein in white cropped flare jeans and summer topembroidered top from Old Navy

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