How to Wear the Trend: Cargo Vest

posted on February 11, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Wear the Trend: Cargo Vest

Think of vests like any other accessory. You can add them to a simple outfit to make the look more interesting, they work any time of year, and they can totally change the vibe of an outfit. While harder to find than a great statement necklace, a good vest is a must-have, particularly the cargo vest. At first glance, I can see why this piece might be intimidating to some, but as I do with any new article of clothing, start with your staples and go from there.

cargo vestFor my first attempt at styling a cargo vest, I went with a very simple base: a striped t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and my go-to booties. This outfit felt like me and made it easier to just throw the vest on top knowing it would work no matter what. And that’s always my advice when trying a trend you’ve never worn before: start with the basics. Once you get comfortable with that, move on to something a little more challenging. The best way to get more creative with a new piece is to add a new, non-basic item each time you wear it. Try pairing your cargo vest with a dress next time for a fun contrast, or add fun printed pants and keep the top simple.

cargo vestWhat works every time is pairing your cargo vest with a statement necklace. The feminine sparkle of a necklace against the more masculine shaped vest creates such an interesting look. If you’re ever stuck on how to wear your vest, just throw in a statement necklace and keep the rest of the outfit simple and you can’t go wrong.

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