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Connect to Your Intuition with These 5 Steps

posted on June 21, 2019 | by Amanda Holstein

Connect to Your Intuition with These 5 Steps

Some people call it meditation, others call it getting out of your head, but for me, it all comes down to connecting with your intuition. When life starts to get overwhelming and you find yourself analyzing every little thing, that’s when centering or grounding yourself can be super helpful. What do I mean by this? I mean turning inward, calming your mind, and connecting with your intuition. Basically – getting out of your head! I’ve become so much more aware lately of when my mind is taking over or when I’m having a hard time listening to my intuition, and these five steps have helped tremendously. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

1. Choose a place that calms you.

Whether that’s your bed, a comfy chair, or outdoors in nature, find a location that suits you. Where is it realistic for you to go? Where can you be alone and not distracted? It can really be anywhere that feels right to you. If you can create a space in your home for this, even better! Like a cozy corner with pillows or a chair facing the window.

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2. Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

I’m honestly not sure exactly what this does, but it’s sort of feels like you’re hugging yourself and I like that! Personally, it helps me turn inward and focus on my body, which gets me out of my head. I like to wear these gorgeous Mala Prayer necklaces while I do this step and hold onto the tassel with one of my hands. These necklaces are not just for show either! I love how each has its own stones with specific meanings and energies.

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For example, this Acala Necklace is believed to bring comfort and alleviate fear, while the Radiance Necklace contains white howlite, which is said to bring calm and relaxation to the mind. This beaded bracelet is made from cedarwood which has been used in medicine for centuries because of its cleansing properties. And the Sphatika Crystal Bar Necklace is a great piece for everyday wear. Apparently, you can put it under your pillow and it’s supposed to help with insomnia or an overactive mind! Interesting, right? This one also comes in a bunch of other stones so you can pick the one that resonates most with you. (They’re actually having a sweet Buy One Get One Free sale right now!)

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3. Take a few deep breaths.

Take your time with these! I know it sounds so simple, but truly taking long, slow, deep breaths can physiologically calm you down. As you breathe, just pay attention to what it feels like, what sounds it makes, etc. Try to keep your attention on this simple action.

4. Pay attention to your body.

Now that your heart rate is a little slower, turn the focus onto your entire body. Direct your attention to different areas of your body and just observe what you’re feeling, without judgment. The purpose of this is to get you back to the present moment. When you’re fully in the present, there is no room to let your mind wander or let in anxious thoughts. You likely won’t be able to focus 100% for the whole time — that’s pretty tough to do! So just take it easy on yourself, observe any thoughts or feelings that arise without judgment, and breathe.

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5. Repeat a phrase or visualize something that resonates with you.

This step is really personal to each individual. But I’ll tell you what I like to do. I have a few phrases I like to repeat to myself that help me feel centered:

“Perfection does not exist. Being human is being imperfect.”

“You are enough just the way you are now.”

“Be free.” (My personal favorite!)

If you’re more of a visual person, you can also try imagining a light glowing at the center of your body and slowly lighting up your entire being, expanding even further outside of your body. I love this one because I like to think the light is my intuition and watching it spread and takeover feels really freeing to me. But again, this is totally personal preference so play around with a few phrases or visuals and see what works for you. You can start with some meditation apps that have tons of great wording and visuals for you already.

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