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My Morning Routine: A GoPro Video

posted on March 15, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

My Morning Routine: A GoPro Video


Although I rarely share video on my blog or Instagram, it’s always been something I’ve had a huge interest in. In fact, I spent A LOT of my time as a kid making useless videos. When I was really young, I used to recreate skits from All That (yup, I pretended to be Ask Ashley, and now I have a column called Ask Amanda — funny how life works).

Once I got to high school, I would create videos to promote our soccer team or a school dance. Making a fool of myself in front of the camera, trying to figure out how to edit with iMovie, and capturing real moments are just some of the reasons I’ve always had a thing for video.

But because visuals are such a huge part of my blog, I never felt like my silly videos were up to par. It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to play with my first GoPro, thanks to my partnership with Enjoy, that I decided to create a little something for your viewing pleasure today on the blog.


But first, I need to share my (second) experience with Enjoy because the service is just too good. When you purchase a product through Enjoy, they send one of their experts to hand deliver it to you and get you all setup…FOR FREE! My expert was SUPER helpful (and patient with me!) and walked me through the entire process.

First, after I got over how tiny and sleek my new GoPro HERO4 Session was, we downloaded the GoPro app on my phone, set up the wifi connection, and then played with the actual video functionality. I honestly felt like an 80-year-old because of how foreign this new technology felt to me, but by the end of our session, I was beginning to get the hang of it!


So I thought I’d play around with my new toy and create a quick snapshot of my morning routine — from my perspective of course (thanks to my GoPro head strap). I’m not gonna hype it up too much because it really was just a fun experiment, but I hope you like it! :)

// Thank you to Enjoy for sponsoring this post!

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Photography by Andrea Posadas. Video by yours truly.