Homemade Halloween: Toddlers and Tiaras Costume

posted on October 23, 2012 | by Amanda Holstein

Homemade Halloween: Toddlers and Tiaras Costume

A costume I’ve been dying to try one year is one of those insane kids from Toddlers and TiarasRidiculous makeup, flashy clothes, huge hair – who wouldn’t want to dress up in that for a night? Throw together your Toddlers and Tiaras costume with these key pieces, and get ready to throw tantrums all night long.

toddlers and tiaras halloween costume
1. 80s Prom Dress, Ebay // 2. Crown // 3. Revlon Blue Eyeshadow // 4. Silver Body Glitter // 5. Fake Eyelashes, Amazon // 6. Frilly Socks // 7. Hot Pink Lipstick // 8. Mary Jane Flats, Zappos // 9. Absurd Hair Piece, Ebay // 10. 80s Prom Dress, Ebay // 11. 80s Prom Dress, Ebay

Tips to Keep in Mind:

1. For a ridiculous, pageant-like dress, just search for 80s prom dresses on Ebay. You’ll find something with the same effect!
2. Add a sash using any white fabric and write “Little Miss Kentucky” (or whatever state you want) on it.
3. Go crazy with the makeup and hair! There’s no such thing as too much with this costume.