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7 Must-Dos Before You Turn 30

posted on August 6, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

7 Must-Dos Before You Turn 30

As I’ve said before, your twenties are a seriously unique period of time in your life. You’re no longer a kid, you’re kind of an adult, but you still don’t have a ton of responsibilities. It’s really a time of personal growth and exploration, learning to listen to what you truly want, and (most importantly) enjoy being young! So whether you’re just entering your twenties or cruising through those last couple years, there are a few things you need to make sure you do before the big 3-0.

1. Have a Signature Style

Take your twenties to experiment with your style. Try all the trends, or try not wearing any trends at all! You can pretty much get away with anything in your twenties, so might as well go for it. So by the time your thirties come around, nail down that signature style of yours. Do away with the clothes and the trends that didn’t work, and stick to what you truly love and what really makes you feel confident. Don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing. Just focus on what works for you and you’ll find that signature style.


2. Invest (in clothes)

In your teens and early twenties, shopping usually means buying a ton of trendy pieces that are affordable but not necessarily well made. They don’t last long and you end up getting rid of them after a few wears. Well, before you hit thirty, it’s time to start investing in pieces that will last. Now that you’ve started to nail down your style, it should be easier to choose what clothes to invest in. Yes, you should certainly go for basics, but if you truly know your style, then feel free to invest in pieces that fit your aesthetic and that you know you’ll wear for a long time.

3. Go on a blind date

Dating is a huge, huge part of your twenties. It’s not all about finding the love of your life, but also about learning what you really want out of a partner and what you really need. Dating can really teach you a lot about yourself. I think challenging yourself to go on one blind date before you turn 30 is a great way to build that inner confidence and learn how to be yourself in any situation.

4. Create a bar cart

Every young adult needs a stylish pad, and nothing makes an apartment feel more complete than a styled bar cart. We’re over 21, kids! So why not show it :). Now you don’t have to get anything too fancy – use what works. This rolling cart from World Market is great for transforming into a bar cart. Just add the necessities, like a wine rack and serving glasses, and complete the look with flowers, frames, and other decor.


5. Do a big chop

This one is a must, ladies. Chop off your hair! I’m not saying to shave your head or even do a pixie cut, but cutting off a big chunk of hair can be so liberating. It can make you remember that you’re beautiful no matter what, that hair is just hair, and that inner-confidence is really the most important thing. My recent haircut has definitely been one of my faves!

6. Have a go-to dish

You don’t need to have mastered cooking by the time you turn thirty, but having a go-to dish that you nail every time is a must. Whether it’s as complicated as Beef Bourguignon or as simple as Mac n’ Cheese, just make it well and that’s all that matters. For any potluck or dinner party, you’ll be all set!

7. Do a Eurotrip

Everyone needs to visit Europe at some point, and what better time to do some major exploring than in your twenties. You’re single, independent, and can handle staying in a cheap hostel. Meet new people, eat alone at a restaurant, and absorb all of the culture. Traveling abroad is a maturing and humbling experience that everyone should know before they turn thirty!

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