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  1. December 2, 2013
    Kara says

    I love this routine! Usually using highlighter and bronzer seems too intense for an everyday look, but this looks so natural. Thanks for sharing!

  2. December 2, 2013

    I’m all about the 5-minute face on the daily. haha. Unfortunately, I never give myself the proper time to make a gorgeous face so I’ve “perfected” my face for the day to day where I can put on go-to products and feel put together. =)


  3. December 2, 2013
    Shelley says

    What a lovely look – and only achieved in 5 minutes, you look lovely :)

    Shelley xo

  4. December 5, 2013
    Lindsay says

    This is an amazing post. I love your products and your techniques.. I don’t use bronzer but I am going to rethink my position.


  5. December 5, 2013
    KRIZIA says

    What is that nail polish?!

  6. December 5, 2013

    I think the older you get the faster and better you get at doing your make up, at least I hope. I used to take such time with my eyeliner and everything. Now makeup is the fastest part of my morning routine!

  7. December 9, 2013

    So cute and extremely helpful! The pictures are also incredible. xo

  8. December 17, 2013

    Thanks so much for posting this! I love the quick, simple guide and see myself doing this.

  9. March 18, 2014

    […] do that adults don’t is wear a lot of eye makeup and nothing on their face. I actually have a post going up tomorrow with tips on face makeup that might help you, so be sure to check it out! I would also focus on […]

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