10 Reasons You May be Breaking Out

posted on March 25, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

10 Reasons You May be Breaking Out

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Although we’re no longer teenagers, we still breakout now and then and we all know how much it sucks. The bright side is it’s much easier to control breakouts at our age because they’re less likely due to hormones, and can more easily be traced to something we’re doing wrong in our daily routine. If you ever experience some random spurts of acne and don’t know what the cause is or how to fix it, here are 10 common things that cause breakouts and how to avoid them below.

1. You need to clean your makeup brushes

I’ve found that this tends to be the number one reason why I breakout. You’re supposed to clean your makeup brushes ever 2-3 weeks, but I don’t have enough discipline for that and usually forget! It really doesn’t take long at all. I suggest doing it in the morning after you’ve done your makeup, so by the time you need your brushes the next day, they’re dry and ready to go. Here’s a great post on how to clean your makeup brushes from The Beauty Department.

2. You recently started using a new facial product

If you’ve recently changed up your makeup or skincare routine in the past month, this could definitely be a reason why you’re breaking out. If your skin isn’t reacting well to the new makeup or skincare product, it’s time to dump it and try something else.

3. You need to clean the towel you wash your face with

I always recommend using a designated towel to wash your face so that you know it’s clean and hasn’t touched anything else. Be sure to wash it often though or you could start breaking out. Once a week is best!

4. You aren’t drinking enough water

A tell tale sign of dehydration is acne. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere and drink, drink, drink!

5. You’re PMSing

We know the drill. It sucks, but it’ll pass.

6. You need to refresh with a face mask

Haven’t used a face mask for a while? Sometimes your skin just needs an extra boost. Try a hydrating mask (this Guerlain Super-Aqua Serum works wonders!) or a pore-refining mask (I’ve always been a fan of this Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque) once a week, depending on your skin type. If you had a crazy weekend out and about, definitely rehydrate your skin that Sunday night.

7. You need to replace the brush on your Clarisonic

Many of us are using the famous Clarisonic these days to wash our face (I highly recommend it!), but are you changing the brush often enough? Although they last up to 3 months, if you see makeup building up on it or are getting breakouts, I’d swap it out sooner.

8. You need to clean the surface of your cell phone

Is the acne forming right where you hold your phone? It’s probably time to clean it. Just use a disinfecting wipe and dry it gently with a lint-free cloth.

9. You need to wash your pillowcases

This is one I realized pretty late but washing your pillowcases just as often as you watch your face towel is super important (for obvious reasons!).

10. You haven’t been moisturizing

A lot of people make the mistake of skipping their moisturizer when in a rush or feeling lazy, but all this does is cause your skin to overcompensate and create extra oils. These oils can cause breakouts. So moisturize everyday, twice a day, whenever you wash your face!