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5 More Things No One Tells You About Life After College

posted on May 2, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

5 More Things No One Tells You About Life After College

If my post last week on 5 Things No One Tells You About Life After College made you feel a bit better about graduating (or life in general), then today’s should be right up your alley :). I feel like I’m constantly learning new things about myself and about life, particularly since graduating from college. If you noticed from last week’s post, my dad actually left a comment about how it’s difficult to truly understand these life lessons until you’ve experienced them for yourself, and he’s totally right. So if some of these don’t resonate with you quite yet, don’t worry. Keep them in the back of your mind and one day, they’ll come in handy :).

1. Feeling down or sad is not a bad thing; it’s part of life.

When you’re feeling sad or thinking negatively, our society judges you and teaches you to get out of that as quickly as possible. But what’s so bad about being sad? It’s not an enjoyable emotion, but it is a natural one that is unavoidable. So instead of judging yourself when you’re feeling down, let yourself feel what you’re feeling and accept that being sad is just something you’re going to experience from time to time.

2. There are no wrong decisions.

We often struggle when making a big decision, or any decision for that matter, because we’re afraid to make the “wrong” one. Well, let me break the news and tell you, there are no wrong decisions. Decisions are not permanent steps in one particular direction. You can make a decision, see where it takes you, and change things if you don’t like where it’s going. But you learn something from every decision you make, whether you’re happy with the result of that decision or not, and you can always change your situation.

3. Learn to be your own support system.

It took me a while to realize just how harsh I was on myself. I was constantly making judgements when I was trying to make a tough decision, going through a hard time, feeling sad for no reason, or even during good times like getting a promotion (asking myself if I was deserving, etc.). But you are the one person that will 100% be with you through everything, so you need to learn to support yourself and be your own cheerleader. You’d be surprised how much you can help yourself through tough times when you stop judging yourself and start supporting yourself, like you would any other love one, instead!

4. Everything you are experiencing, thinking, or questioning is normal.

Having trouble making friends after college? Hating your job? Feeling insecure? Whatever you are feeling, thinking or experiencing, I can promise you that you are not alone. There is someone else out there who has thought or felt the same way. So next time you ask yourself, “Is this normal?”, know that yes, yes it is. You are totally “normal”.

5. There are no rules; no right way to think or feel.

My favorite lesson that I’ve learned during life after college, and something I repeat to myself throughout the day, is that there are no rules in life. You may think you “should” act a certain way or “should” feel a certain response to something, but the truth is, there is no rule book out there with a list of what’s right and what’s wrong. There is no right way to act or feel. As long as you listen to your heart and do what feels right to you, then you’re doing “the right thing”.

What are some life lessons you’ve learned since college?