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Ask Amanda: Should I Leave My Job & Move to a New City?

posted on February 4, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

Ask Amanda: Should I Leave My Job & Move to a New City?

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I graduated recently (almost a year, gasp!) and began a job part-time. It’s great, but not quite what I expected…I babysit the rest of the time to supplement my income…even then I’m not making much.

I have this dream to move from the small Florida town I’m currently in to Nashville. I’m so young and feel if I don’t go now, I’ll never go. May marks a year at my part time job — I hate to leave but I also hate living check to check…I’d also like something far more challenging.

My question then, is this: is it so awful to leave my current job after a year? Also, do you have any tips on looking for jobs in another state? I’m pragmatic to a fault and the idea of a move so big scares me, but I’m dreadfully bored where I am and crave something new and exciting. I’m just clearly having a hard time removing my feelings from the situation (it’s like a small family where I work).


First of all, I love that you’re dreaming big and that you’re considering this big change. That’s just what you should be doing right now. You can DEFINITELY leave a job after a year. (In fact, you can leave a job after 2 months if it makes sense for you and your goals). In this case, I think it makes perfect sense that you’d want to leave your job, even though you love it, to pursue bigger things for yourself.

One thing to remember is this – just because a decision may involve some negative feelings (like leaving your close-knit group of coworkers, or facing your fear of moving), doesn’t mean it’s a wrong decision. All decisions and big changes come with good and bad. As long as you’re following your heart and listening to your gut, then you’re doing the right thing. It sounds like you truly want to make this move, you just have some reservations – which is totally normal. I say make the move. You have a good head on your shoulders and are considering all the right factors here, and I have no doubt you’ll make it work.

Tips for looking for a job in a new city:

1. Get in touch with anyone you know in Nashville first to see if they can connect you to a potential opportunity or at least to a person you could meet for coffee. Start networking as early as possible.

2. I also recommend changing your address on your resume to Nashville. If they see it’s in Florida, even if you say you’re moving, they may not take you seriously.

3. I also suggest (after applying to a bunch of opportunities online, etc) visiting Nashville for a week and scheduling as many interviews as you can during that time. When you apply, make it known that you’ll be in town (you could say you’ll be looking for an apartment then so they know you’re serious), and line up some interviews or even casual meet-and-greets over coffee.

4. Also keep in mind, you may not get a job until you get there, and that’s okay. It’s certainly easier once you’re living in the same city, so if you’re too overwhelmed with the move in general, take it one step and a time – make the move, get settled, and then find the job.

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