DIY Feather Wall Hanging

posted on February 5, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

DIY Feather Wall Hanging

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to put above my bed. After lots and lots of Pinterest-ing, I discovered this little beauty and thought I’d attempt to make my own version. Whenever I want to make something and am not sure where to get the supplies, I always turn to Amazon. Whether it’s feathers, sea shells, or a leather hole-puncher, I always seem to find what I need there. Plus, it comes quickly which is great for my shiny ball syndrome…when I have an idea, I have to do it pretty much right away or I’ll get distracted by something shiny.

So let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own feather wall hanging:


Where did I get the stick? Literally just picked it up off of the streets of New York while walking my dog. So authentic. As for the feathers, I found them on Amazon here and here (so cheap!). You can find the white yarn and glue gun on Amazon too. (Everyone should own a glue gun!). Hopefully, you already own scissors :).

Step 1:

Start by tying the string in a double knot around the middle of the stick. Continue tying the string working your way out. If you add too many, you can always cut them off. I started with my strings about 2 feet long and trimmed them depending on where I wanted the feather to fall.


Step 2:

Now grab your glue gun and starting with the middle string, wrap the it around the stem of one feather, adding glue as needed. I tend to start with one dab of glue, then wrap the string around and secure the end with another dab. Continue glueing the feathers to the strings and feel free to trim each string as you go to your desired length. I liked having the middle ones longer and have them get shorter as you go out. I used mostly the large white feathers and added in just a few of the small ones for some contrast.


Step 3:

The great thing about using glue guns is the glue dries instantly, so when you’re done, you’re ready to hang it on the wall. I used two white nails, one on either side of the stick, and placed the stick on top. You could also add string to ends of the stick and hang it in a triangle.


Place it above your bed or even above your couch in your living room. Check out the final look below!