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Ask Amanda: What Do I Say When People Ask Me Why I’m Single?

posted on August 14, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

Ask Amanda: What Do I Say When People Ask Me Why I’m Single?


Dear Amanda,

I am 27 French girl living in Paris, working for the cosmetics worldwide leader in Marketing. Great career but I get a lot of remarks on the fact that I’ve been single for more than 1 year. I work from 8am to 9pm everyday and see my friends on weekends only! LOL how am I supposed to find a bf?

Any advice on:
– Answering to people putting pressure and asking why I’m single, explaining that I feel happy for now (don’t get me wrong I’d love to share my happiness with a guy)
– Finding a great guy! How did you make new friends/find a boyfriend in your new city (NYC)?

Thank you so much for your blog: refreshing, true, inspiring and NEVER diva-like. :)


Hi Maggie,

Happy to help!

First of all, it’s totally normal to be single at 27, and being single for a year is not long at all! I think it’s important for you to feel okay with this before trying to convince others. People are going to think what they want — as long as you’re happy and not worried about being single, then nothing else should matter.

I would respond by being honest — your life is so busy and you just haven’t met the right person. Totally normal! If they judge you, that’s their problem :).

As for finding a guy, I actually went on a few dating apps. I’m not sure if you have it there but there’s one called Hinge where it only connects you to friends of friends. Since you don’t have much time during the week to do anything else, turning to online dating may be a good time-saver. Otherwise, I would say just get out there and do things in your city — take cooking classes, yoga classes, go to concerts, etc. You can’t meet people by sitting in your apartment or going to the same places over and over, so just keep exploring new things!

The important thing is to trust that you will meet someone, because I promise you will. Maybe it won’t be this month or this year, but you need to be patient and focus on all the other things in life that are important to you. Also, take advantage of what single life has to offer! Being single can be really fun and you should enjoy it while it lasts! A lot of people who are in relationships often miss certain things about being single, so enjoy it and don’t be in such a rush!

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more advice. Happy to help!

Good luck!