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Designing My Living Room with Boho Chic Decor

posted on August 12, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

Designing My Living Room with Boho Chic Decor

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Although I still haven’t landed an apartment yet (you’re killing me, San Francisco!), it’s never too early to start looking for furniture. At least not in my book. So when I get frustrated scrolling through craigslist, only to be disappointed when I find the perfect apartment and it doesn’t take dogs, I start to “window shop” at my favorite online home decor sites instead. I have some big shoes to fill after my last setup, but I’ve got some ideas in mind that will give my boho chic decor style a fresh update.

For the living room, I’ve been learning towards a navy blue couch. I love how the darker color makes the room feel cozy, yet it’s also super versatile for my beachy/bohemian theme. I can easily switch from my boho chic decor to something more soft and clean, depending on my mood. Plus, I gotta consider my black dog who sheds like crazy. No surprise that Urban Outfitters has yet another perfect couch for me, as well as a coffee table and tons of affordable rugs that I’m having trouble deciding between. Check out my vision for my new living room below and let me know what you think!