DIY Flower Crown

posted on March 5, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

DIY Flower Crown


I can’t help but pretend it’s spring. Yes, there’s still snow on the ground and I haven’t quite put away my puffy coat yet, but it’s March, isn’t it? So spring is right around the corner. If you’re already painting your nails in pastels and pulling out your floral blouses, then why not get really into the season with these super easy DIY flower crowns. Whether you’re prepping for music festival season or looking for a feminine accessory to finish off your spring look, grab your glue gun and make yourself one of these babies.


All you need are some simple headbands (classic or elastic), a bundle of fake flowers, and your trusty glue gun. You can find all of these at Michael’s or any craft store.


How To:

Pull each flower off of the stem (they should come off pretty easily) and trim the extra piece of stem to make the bottom of the flower as flat as possible. When you’re ready to glue, start by gluing the larger flowers in the middle of the headband first and work your way out. Finish by adding smaller leaves and buds to any areas that don’t cover the headband.


The great thing about using a glue gun is your headband will dry super quickly. It’ll probably only take you 20 minutes to make a headband, so why not make some more for your friends with all the extra flowers you have? They’ll appreciate it and you won’t be the only one sporting this bold statement.

Pair it with rosey cheeks, pink lips and a flowy dress.


Give them a try and let me know how they turn out!
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