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Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie

posted on September 15, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

Dressing Room Diaries: Anthropologie

dressing room diaries

There’s something about shopping in stores that just can’t beat online shopping. But the time suck and the stress of trying things on can be intimidating. After many years of experience, I’m proud to say I’m a damn good shopper. I’m quick, I don’t waste any time, and I make decisions fast, without many purchase regrets. So I thought I’d share my knowledge with you all through a new series called Dressing Room Diaries. This weekend I took a little trip to Anthropologie and documented my experience. Let’s go through which pieces I chose to try on and why I decided to purchase certain items.

Before You Shop

First things first. Knowing what you’re looking for and having a sense for your style really helps quicken the process. On this shopping trip, I’m on the lookout for printed tops that I can add to any pair of jeans for a complete outfit. I’m also in need of some unique skirts that I can wear to work or for fun.

In the Store

Once you get to the store, I’m all for scouring every rack. If you know what you’re looking for and you know your style, then you should be able to move through the store pretty quickly. If you’re unsure about an item, I always recommend trying it on. You really never know until you see it on and see how it fits.

anthropologie store

Try it on

Now once you get to the dressing room, I recommend separating the items into tops, bottoms, and dresses.

dressing room1

Start by trying on any outerwear over the outfit you wore to the store. Make sure to wear a neutral outfit that can potentially go with anything. As you try on each item, take note of your initial reaction. No need to make any final decisions yet.

dressing room tops

I loved the print on this floral blazer as well as the fit. I don’t own anything like it so I wanted to think on it before immediately saying yes. The pale pink blazer is very cute, but when I think of how I’ll incorporate it into my current wardrobe, it just doesn’t feel like a good fit. While I love the vest, I do have something similar that I need to wear more often, so I probably shouldn’t get it.

Next go for the tops. If they match any pants you’re trying on, then I suggest trying them on together.

dressing room tops1

I love the print on this floral top and I could totally see it fitting in well with my wardrobe. This white textured sweater is completely my style and will go perfectly with leather skirts and pants for fall. While I initially loved the print on this third top, the fit isn’t quite flattering and I just don’t love it on.

dressing room bottoms

I loved this skirt off the rack, but it was even better once I tried it on. To me, that’s a definite yes. These flowy pants (no, that’s not a maxi skirt) were a wild card. I loved the idea of them, but once I tried them on it was obvious they were a no. While I love the idea of the emerald green trousers, they didn’t fit quite right and I knew I could find better.

dressing room dresses

I really liked both of these dresses, but because I already had a pretty big yes pile and wasn’t necessarily in need of dresses, I decided to let them go. Gotta watch that budget!

Make Piles

Once you’ve tried everything on, create three piles: yes, maybe, and no. Your yes pile should include those items you had no doubts about. The second you tried them on, you got excited and knew you’d wear them. Be picky about this pile! Your maybes are pieces you may want to try again, or you liked them but didn’t have that 100% yes feeling.

dressing room2

The Final Decision

After some serious thought, I ended up with the green skirt, the white sweater, the floral blouse and the floral blazer. I think I did good! While I did like some of the other pieces, I figure if I can’t stop thinking about them in a couple weeks, then I’ll go back for round two. But for now, I’m totally satisfied.

anthropologie clothes

Incorporate them into your wardrobe

It’s always important that the pieces you buy work well with the rest of the items in your closet. Once I got home, I immediately tried them on and discovered tons of ideas on how to wear them. Check out how I incorporated my new pieces into my wardrobe.

anthropologie outfit 3

anthropologie outfit2

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