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How to Get On the Good Side of Your Boss

posted on April 24, 2017 | by Chelsea Becker

How to Get On the Good Side of Your Boss

As an admitted people-pleaser, I’ve tried hard to get on the good side of every boss I’ve worked for. Being the team favorite was always my goal, even if that meant getting their coffee (without them asking) and chatting them up whenever I could. And after a couple years of doing that, I realized that it was not only annoying to my manager, but to my entire team. Basically the opposite of what I was going for.

Instead, there are legit ways to earn respect without being a total brown-noser. Here are 5 ways to get on the good side of your boss:

Read their mind

Bosses are busy, so make their job easier whenever you can. Try to get tasks done without them having to spell it out for you. If you know they need certain analytics every week, send it over before they ask. If they aren’t the best with technology, create a system for filtering their emails automatically. Do whatever you can to become invaluable to the team.

Stay out of drama

Your boss probably made it to where they are now by working hard and killing their career responsibilities. Follow in their footsteps by making work your main focus when in office. Try not to gossip or complain to your manager, even if they are your age or casual about it, and whatever you do, stay out of office drama! Your boss will see you as dependable and mature—two great values in any employee.

Get to the point

Bosses get endless emails and they’re required to make lots of decisions every day. Whether you’re having a meeting with them or sending an email, use effective communication. Send a short and specific agenda before you meet and keep your emails formatted in a way that’s easy to respond to. They’ll appreciate you being mindful of their time.

Be on time

Showing up late to work or meetings is a sure way to get on a boss’s bad side, so make promptness a priority. And don’t only show up on time when they are in the building; managers talk! Be a genuinely hard worker, respect office hours at all times, and you’ll be golden.

Take and give credit

One easy way to earn the respect of anyone you’re working with, along with your boss, is to take credit when it’s necessary and also give props. If you worked hard on a project, speak up if someone is trying to cut your name out of the attribution. Likewise, make sure other teammates are getting appreciation when they helped.

What tips do you have for staying on your boss’ good side?