How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes the Simple Way

posted on July 30, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes the Simple Way

With skincare being one of my top beauty concerns, I’ve been trying extra hard to keep my makeup brushes clean. They are one of the most overlooked causes of skin problems and I’m definitely guilty of forgetting about all that product build-up for months at a time. While there are many cleansers out there designed to clean your makeup brushes, they can get expensive — honestly, I think they’re unnecessary. Since it’s recommended to clean your makeup brushes every 2-3 weeks, the process should be affordable, simple and require only items you readily have access to.

Luckily, there are lots of affordable options out there, many of which you may already have at home. You can use baby shampoo and even white vinegar (mixed with water). But my favorite is Pure Castile Soap. If you don’t own this stuff yet, you seriously need to. This miracle soap is not only totally natural, but can be used to clean just about anything. In fact I keep discovering new uses for it everyday.


I used Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Pure-Castile Soap, hoping it would not only clean my brushes but help clear up my skin as well. All you have to do is put some of the soap in a dish with warm water. Swirl your brushes, one at a time, into the mixture. Then rinse each brush under the faucet, pat it so it’s not soaking wet, and reshape it before laying it flat to dry. That’s it! I changed out my water a few times since my makeup brushes were filled with product, but other than that, it was a super simple process. Take a look at the step-by-step tutorial below.


Check out those results!


Let me know if you have any questions about the process below!