Latest Obsession: Ripped Black Skinnies

posted on February 19, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

Latest Obsession: Ripped Black Skinnies

black skinnies

When I decided to go blonde, I found myself starting to wear more dark colors.  I think being so blonde can sometimes give off the wrong impression, so a little edge made me feel more balanced – more me. Black skinnies have especially become prevalent in my daily wardrobe. I’ve never really been one to wear black, but the distressed denim look gives the harsh color a more relaxed vibe that I love.

These black skinnies didn’t come with any rips so I decided to slowly add them myself. This one on on my knee I did by snipping a tiny hole with scissors and using a butter knife to slice a good rip across. I’m planning to add a couple more as I wear them in! As you can see, I’m also rocking the half tuck (my favorite) – another great way to add a bit of casual edge to a look.

black skinny jeansblack skinny jeansblack skinny jeansgray sweaterblack skinny jeans and gray sweaterblack skinniessilver-necklace

And this is because I like you guys so much: