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New Year’s Goals to Help You Grow in 2021

posted on December 30, 2020 | by Ginger Abbot

New Year’s Goals to Help You Grow in 2021

2021 is quickly approaching, and a lot of people are excited about the new year. For some, it represents the chance for a fresh start. If you usually skip making new year goals, now might be the time to change things. Studies show that 42% of people who made resolutions changed their behavior, compared to the 5% of people who changed without making dedicated resolutions. Are you wondering how to get started? Here are five of the best self-growth new years goals for 2021.

1. Focus on Fitness

When you feel good physically, it affects every part of your life, including your mental well-being and work performance. There’s a reason why getting more active one of the most popular resolutions each year — not only do people want to reap the health benefits, but they also want to feel stronger and more energized! For you, focusing on fitness in 2021 will help you grow by increasing your determination and improving your health.

With every workout, you’ll push to do better and work harder, and this will translate into your daily actions. With regular bursts of endorphins and dopamine, your mood will increase, and you’ll face each day with confidence. Remember to set positive, achievable goals with a dedicated action plan. You’ll need more than a general concept to reach your fitness goals. It’s also important to keep in mind that fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach — take time to explore different types of workouts and find movement, routines, and exercises that make you feel good.

2. Create a Work-Life Balance

Do you take business calls or emails after completing the work day? Many Americans struggle to create a healthy work-life balance, especially if they work out of their home. This leads to distractions and an increase in stress for many people. With the new year approaching, it’s more important now than ever to create a healthy balance in your life. Everyone needs time away from work to relax, unwind and refresh.

A straightforward way to do this is by creating a dedicated stop time and setting boundaries that work doesn’t cross. Set a schedule for yourself and resolve to focus only on you past that point. You’ll feel more focused at work and have a healthy mindset at the end of each day. Remember to log out of your emails and relay to co-workers when you’re out of the office.

It’s also important to practice self-care by making time to rest, relax and indulge in a few things you enjoy every week. For some, this might mean scheduling time after work to talk to a loved one. For others, it could mean grabbing a cup of coffee and taking a walk around town on your lunch break. Or it could be as simple as recharging at home in the evenings instead of trying to grind out more work — like lighting a candle and taking a bath, practicing yoga or meditation, or sitting down to your favorite Netflix series. Self-care will help to manage your stress, reduce your chances of experiencing burnout and build resilience.

3. Set SMART Goals

Have you heard of the term SMART goals? SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. When you make resolutions that follow this format, you create actionable personal growth goals.

Start by choosing a specific goal and writing it down. From there, you’ll be able to break it down into smaller tasks and look for potential obstacles. By dividing your resolution into reasonable steps, it becomes more manageable. You’ll have an easier time tracking your progress and moving forward. You’ll be less discouraged and, with time, you’ll reach your goals.

Moving forward, instead of saying you want to be bold and take chances, think about how you can make that specific and measurable. Make sure your steps are achievable and realistic and be sure to set a timeline for completing each task.

4. Prioritize Reading

Reading offers a ton of benefits to help you grow personally and professionally. You can enjoy daily entertainment while improving your memory and vocabulary. Reading a book can be a great way to learn a new subject without spending a lot of money. While it can act as a distraction from life, it can also make you more knowledgeable on topics of interest. This can help you to excel at work and reach a variety of goals.

5. Practice Discipline

Setting resolutions is important, but you need discipline if you want to stick with them. Discipline will be the difference between getting off the couch for a workout or backing out of commitments. Think about what motivates you — would a level of accountability force you to stay focused? If so, consider sharing your new year’s goals with friends and family. Remember that discipline is something you do for yourself and it’s a choice you make every day.

Remember to Have A Growth Mindset

These are five of the best New Year’s resolutions for growth. But the most important starting point for any of them is your mindset because believing in yourself is half the battle. When you maintain a growth mindset, you approach each day with an open mind, look at each challenge as an opportunity to grow, and don’t punish yourself for mistakes or slips, but choose to learn from them — and this will help you reach your resolutions. Remember that each day is a fresh start and you can always develop your skills and talents with hard work and dedication.