How I Learned a New Skill: Weaving

posted on April 12, 2017 | by Amanda Holstein

How I Learned a New Skill: Weaving

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fiber art weaving

As a full-time blogger, most of my days are spent behind a computer screen. Sometimes it feels like everything I do is digital. From constantly checking Instagram to running an online business, it was becoming overwhelming. I decided that I was in desperate need of some tech-free activities. Back in high school and college, I used to take painting & drawing courses and loved the feeling of creating something physical. While I still do break out my paint brush every once in a while, I’m not gonna lie, the mess stresses me out. So I decided to search for a new hobby.

I’ve always thought woven wall hangings and macrame were so freaking cool. A few months ago, I even almost bought one. But then my boyfriend said, “Couldn’t you make that yourself?”, and I realized, he was totally right. While I may not be able to create the high-quality pieces I was seeing online, the actual process is what really intrigued me. So I did what I always do when I want to learn a new skill: I hopped on to Skillshare.

fiber art weavingfiber art weavingfiber art weaving

Skillshare is an online community offering approachable classes taught by real-world practitioners. I’ve taken everything from graphic design to videography courses on Skillshare to help with my blog over the years. They even have business courses on everything from marketing to finance! For my new hobby, I took a chance and searched “fiber art”, not expecting to find much. Instead, eighty courses popped up all about weaving, macrame, and more. I went with Rachel Denbow’s Weave Your First Woven Wall Hanging. I love that the classes are broken up into multiple videos, so you can go at your own pace. Plus, they give you specific assignments so you can apply the skills you learn to a hands-on project. I’ve already made three weavings over the past couple months!

fiber art weavingfiber art weavingfiber art weavingfiber art weavingfiber art weavingfiber art woven wall hangingfiber art woven wall hangingfiber art weaving

Honestly, learning a new skill that allows me to use my hands and create something physical has made me ten times happier. Breaking up my tech-filled days with a hands-on activity has created a balance in my life that I desperately needed. I encourage you to learn a new skill with Skillshare, even if it’s not a creative one, just to give your brain a workout and bring balance into your life!

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