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3 Time Management Tips for Work & Everyday Life

posted on August 17, 2016 | by Chelsea Becker

3 Time Management Tips for Work & Everyday Life

Does anyone else feel like summer is officially busier than the holidays? Between wedding events, working, and trying to squeeze in (necessary!) three-day getaways, life is starting to feel a bit crazy. In order to prevent my world from spiraling out of control, I’ve been focusing on ways to better manage my time. Here are 3 things I’ve started doing, and in return, gotten time back for myself!

Designate specific days for specific tasks.

I began designating specific chores to each week day. For example, Mondays I meal plan and grocery shop. Tuesdays are for laundry. Wednesdays are spent on RSVPs, bills, and online purchases (OK fine, shopping). By Friday, my weekends are free of tasks and I can relax! Plus, having a schedule eliminates wasted time of figuring out when to do errands, or worse, procrastinating.

Try the pomodoro technique.

This is a game-changer! The technique suggests spending 25 minutes of seriously focused time (phone flipped over and on silent + no web browsing), then a 5-minute technology-free break (to get coffee, stretch, etc.). I give myself an hour off for lunch and that’s when I’ll check social media and the like.

It’s crazy what you can accomplish during distraction-free sessions; I now have time for other more exciting things. And this isn’t only for work—I use Pomodoro for anything that I’m not especially motivated to complete.


Hiring people to do your chores can seem weird, right? I always felt lazy thinking of someone else tidying my (tiny) apartment or (tinier) car. Plus, I figured I couldn’t afford it. Lately though, I’ve realized that spending half a day to clean was leaving me grumpy and without as much savored free time. I removed some extra-curricular spending (and yes, I’ve survived without weekly manicures!) and hired someone to clean. After seeing how much time I get back and my improved mood, I can’t believe it took me so long to delegate!

What tips do you have for managing time? Please share!

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native,
living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.