Tips for Healthy Skin in Your Twenties

posted on February 12, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

Tips for Healthy Skin in Your Twenties


No matter what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, I always feel my best when my skin is at its best. So about a year ago, I started taking major control of my skincare routine. Up until then, it was all about a good smelling face wash and a simple moisturizer. But in your twenties, as you’re working on growing your inner confidence, taking care of your outer beauty with a well-rounded skincare routine is a must as well. When your skin looks and feels healthy, you can skip the makeup and show off your true beauty.

My post last year on The Twenty-Something Skin Care Routine is a great place to start, but there are a few products I’ve added since that have been major game-changers. While cleansers obviously rid your skin of dirt and oils, and moisturizers lock in hydration, concentrates are a new category everyone should add to their list. Exfoliating is another method I highly recommend adding to your weekly routine to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal a smoother complexion.

What is a concentrate?

A quality concentrate like Shiseido’s Ultimune is meant to protect your skin and strengthen it to help prevent against external stressors and signs of aging. It’s the perfect product to add into your skincare routine in your twenties when you’re just starting to see those early signs of aging and want to build up your skin’s immunity to protect against damage as you get older.

When do you use it?

Simply apply just a pea-size amount after your cleanser and before your moisturizer, both day and night. If you use a serum as well, you’ll start with your cleanser, then add your concentrate, then your serum, and finish with your moisturizer. You’ll notice your skin feeling softer and firmer right away. I highly recommend Ultimune specifically because Shiseido products are super high-quality and have been around for years. (Plus, it smells amazing!).

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What are exfoliating scrubs?

Exfoliating scrubs are meant to remove the dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and healthier complexion. The product can come in many forms, including face masks, creams, and powders. If you have sensitive skin like me, I recommend a powder so you can mix it with water and customize it to your skin. You can create a thicker paste to exfoliate more intensely, or add more water for a softer touch.

How often should you exfoliate?

If you find your skin looking dull and want that healthy glow, I definitely recommend exfoliating. Experts recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week. Use it on clean skin, and then apply the rest of your skincare products in the order mentioned above.

Do you use a serum or concentrate? What other products have you added to your skincare routine in your twenties?

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