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How One Wellness Podcast Shifted My Perspective

posted on November 14, 2019 | by Michele Lando

How One Wellness Podcast Shifted My Perspective

To give you a little background about me, my life (and business) can be summed up pretty easily in a few words: business, style, and food. The people I love always come first, but truthfully they’re often integrated into the food part of my life because food is my love language, but we can save that topic for another time. With that said, I have one of those Type A personalities that likes to be in control and is often going a mile a minute. My podcasts of choice have always been centered around business and/or achieving goals to keep my brain stimulated during “dead time” such as on long car rides.

I do practice yoga daily to help clear and calm my mind and am big on wellness in every sense of the word, so when I discovered the Lo Bosworth’s new podcast, I Love Wellness, I was immediately intrigued. What I didn’t realize is that this podcast would completely turn my perspective on podcasts upside down, and help me use podcasts to relax and decompress instead of to stimulate me.

What’s the podcast about?

One of my favorite things about this podcast is that it doesn’t make you feel bad about your life choices. As I mentioned, I consider myself to be very mindful of my overall wellness. I regularly exercise and eat well, however that doesn’t stop me from eating a cookie or some nachos if I want them. Could I be better about eating 100% clean? Sure, but what’s the point of life if you can’t enjoy yourself? This podcast 100% celebrates that concept. One thing that Lo mentions repeatedly is that “wellness” is not just about healthy eating and exercise, but it’s about mental wellness and feeling good about yourself. She often talks about the fact that she considers eating pizza part of her wellness routine because it’s something she truly enjoys eating. If you get joy out of something, that’s wellness right there!

How this shifted my perspective

Listening to this podcast is genuinely a feel-good experience for me. There is laughter and joy, but there’s also a ton of insight and perspective that makes me stop and think. I didn’t put much thought into this and was simply excited that I had another podcast to subscribe to. What I did notice after listening to a few episodes was that I wasn’t anxiously thinking about how I could apply these concepts to my life and/or business, but I was just enjoying my time and considering all of the different things I learned. For the first time while listening to a podcast, my mind wasn’t racing a mile a minute, but instead, I was slowing down to listen to other people’s wellness journeys.

Often when we talk about wellness and unplugging, it can actually feel really overwhelming and stressful. I’ve found that there’s a fine line with self-help and wellness tools. They either make you think and give you gentle perspective/encouragement to live the best version of your life, or they make you completely anxious by pointing out every last detail that you’re doing wrong. This podcast definitely takes the former approach which is very refreshing. As an added bonus, I’ve learned about random products and services (not in a sponsored way, but from people simply sharing experiences during conversations on the podcast) that have been really helpful for me. (i.e. this all-natural face moisturizer that seems to have calmed down some of the stubborn zits I’ve developed as an adult.)

The results

This podcast in no way, shape, or form changed me as a person or changed my tendency to go a mile a minute without taking a break, however it did give me a way to decompress and get out of my own head for a bit. Instead of listening to podcasts to see what else I could be doing to improve my life or my business, I now take the time to listen to podcasts to enjoy myself and my time. I’ll listen to this podcast while I straighten my hair, while I’m folding laundry, or even while taking a bath. It’s an enjoyable way to add more mindfulness to my life without creating any anxiety about it. It’s funny how the pressure of being mindful and destressing can actually stress you out. Thankfully, this podcast does not add to that stress.

I want to be clear that this post was in no way sponsored by the I Love Wellness podcast, and honestly this post is not meant to make you run over to that podcast. You may have another podcast that gives you the same feeling that this one gave me. The whole point is that I always used to consider podcasts as stimulation, and I do still love my business focused podcasts, however I discovered that podcasts could benefit me in a different way aside from acting as stimulation. They could give me perspective while calming my mind. Since I started listening to this wellness podcast, (and others of this nature) I can listen to them without having to put in effort, and I don’t have to immediately figure out how I could use this information. For the first time, listening to a wellness-centered podcast allows me to absorb information, sit with it, and go about the rest of my day.