Yes or No: Turtlenecks

posted on October 17, 2012 | by Amanda Holstein

Yes or No: Turtlenecks

how to wear a turtleneck
I honestly didn’t think turtlenecks were ever going to come back. Cowl necks, yes, but turtlenecks, not so much. But when I found this little guy at the GAP the other day, I quickly changed my mind. First of all, they’re so damn comfortable. It’s like always wearing a scarf without it unraveling or getting caught in things (or does that just happen to me?). Plus, I think with a sleek bun, a bit more pulled together than the one I’m sporting here, the look can be really chic. So, what do you think? Turtlenecks or no turtlenecks?

Let’s go shopping:

GAP Sweater
Cheap Monday Pants (similar)
Michael Kors Booties