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Happy 2014

posted on December 31, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

Happy 2014

What. A. Year. I’m not gonna lie – 2013 was full of difficult challenges, big life changes, and lots of learning experiences for me. Including a big move, living by myself for the first time, contemplating a move to NY, losing some friendships, gaining better ones – all leading up to a new job in January, this year has been a bit bumpy. But because of those experiences, I’ve learned SO much, and feel more prepared for 2014 than ever. I thought for the last day of 2013 I’d share with you what I learned this past year and what I’ll bring with me in 2014 – my version of new years resolutions.

Listen to your gut

This year was full of big life decisions. The only way I got through them was pushing everything else aside – what others thought, what seemed “right”, etc. – and truly just listening to myself. No one else knows what you want and need but you, and if those around you truly love you, they’ll support your decisions no matter what. Just be honest with yourself and the “right” decision will come.

Every friend has a different purpose in your life

I always had a few super close (almost sisters) friends, but never really thrived in a big group. What I realized this year is that different friends provide different purposes. I feel more balanced having one friend who I can get advice from and another who can get me out to a party. Not everyone you meet needs to be that perfect, well-rounded friend who is basically a sister to you. There are so few of those, and the others are still so important.

You can’t control others’ emotions

It’s hard for me to accept, but I can’t control other people’s emotions. I can’t make them happy, I can’t make them sad, or even angry – the way someone reacts to your actions is in their hands. Of course, intentionally trying to hurt someone is a different story. All you can do is act how you feel is right. The way someone responds is a combination of their personalities, past experiences, and so much more – it’s out of your control.

Bring positivity into the world and the world will return the favor

I’ve realized that being positive really does lead to positive outcomes. Whether it’s speaking positively about those around you or even yourself, positivity spreads. One example that we can all relate to is how we talk about our bodies. Haven’t you noticed that when one friend starts talking about their large thighs, everyone joins in saying what they hate about their own bodies. But what if we started talking positively about our bodies? What if one friend said they loved their eyes, and the next admitted she loved her butt? I think this is something we should start next year – Special K is calling it #FigthFatTalk and I’m all for it.

Do what makes you happy

That’s right – do what makes you happy because nothing is stopping you. I wasn’t completely fulfilled by my previous job during the past few months, so I decided to do find some way to create that satisfaction myself. I love styling, creating photoshoots, editing photos, creating graphics – so why not just do it? That’s the main reason I decided to create The Lookbook and I’m so happy I followed my passion and created something that truly brings me great satisfaction. I can’t wait for the next one!

// This post was sponsored by Special K. All opinions are my own.