3 Seasonal Color Combos

posted on January 30, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

3 Seasonal Color Combos

Most of my style, whether it be my wardrobe, my makeup, or my home, is influenced by color combinations that are seasonally appropriate. In the summer, I crave corals, whites, turquoises and anything that reminds me of the beach. As the weather turns colder, I gear towards deeper hues like reds, grays, and navys. And when I can’t come up with an outfit in the morning and there’s just nothing inspiring me at the moment, one thing I always ask myself is what color(s) I’m in the mood to wear. It gives me some focus when I’m on the verge of sulking on the floor of my closet complaining to my boyfriend that I have “nothing” to wear. But what happens when you can’t even think of a color to inspire you? This: 3 color combinations that are sure to get your style mojo up and running again.

Combo #1

Sometimes simply mixing neutrals can be the most inspiring color combination. So classic and so chic, you just can’t go wrong. I love how this look mixes some of my favorite neutrals, navy and camel. By adding a print in the mix, the look becomes more interesting and dynamic. Try mixing and matching your neutrals for an unexpected yet totally chic look.

color combinationsimage via blushing ambition

Combo #2:

I love the soft, feminine feel of this color combination. The girly blush paired with a rustic green creates a gorgeous contrast and the grays just complete the look. I will certainly be trying out this color combo in all aspects of my style including my clothes, beauty routine, and even my home decor.

color combinationsimage via Sincerely Jules

Combo #3

I would never have come up with this color combo on my own. Pairing bright colors can be more difficult, but this unique contrast is executed perfectly in my opinion. It just goes to show that taking risks and pairing items in your closet you may never have thought to pair before is totally worth it. Devon Rachel is always inspiring me to do that!

color combinationsimage via Devon Rachel

What are some of your favorite color combinations?