5 Things You Should Do More Often

posted on December 11, 2012 | by Amanda Holstein

5 Things You Should Do More Often

While we don’t have extra time (or money) to head to the spa every weekend for a facial, there are a few little things you could be doing at home to amp up your beauty routine. Just by adding in these simple steps once a week, you could improve your skin, your hair, and even your teeth. And since we’re all multitaskers, most of these you can do while cleaning your apartment, checking your email, or watching TV. So get goin’ on these 5 simple beauty tips when you get home tonight!

1. Whiten your teeth! Use teeth whitening strips as you’re getting ready for bed or during your down time.

2. Wear a face mask. Not only will it improve your skin, but who doesn’t love 15 minutes of ultimate pampering? I love this one from Kiehl’s (mostly because it’s green like the ones in the movies).

3. Wash your makeup brushes. Do this once a week to avoid breakouts and make your brushes last longer. Here’s a great tutorial from The Beauty Department.

4. Clean your pillow cases. So much oil and dirt builds up on your pillow cases. Save your skin by washing them more often!

5. Exfoliate your lips. Especially during the winter, your lips can get super dry. Brush them with a toothbrush, then moisturize with Vaseline. They’ll feel super smooth and last for days!

What little beauty tips do you have? I’d love to hear!

(image via Piccsy)