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5 Healthy Habits for Distance Learning

posted on September 18, 2020 | by Alyssa Abel

5 Healthy Habits for Distance Learning

Whether you’re working from home or working on a degree, you may be preparing to attend online classes. It’s not always easy to transition from a classroom to a computer, so you’ll want to consider adopting a few practical habits as you navigate this school year. From your diet to your environment, your daily routine should help you stay as productive as possible.

Here are some healthy habits for distance learning you can start practicing today:

1. Create a Dedicated Work Zone

It’s tempting to wake up and start class without leaving your bed. That said, you should create a zone where you can compartmentalize your work. This separate area doesn’t have to be anything fancy. But if you work on your couch while you watch TV, it’ll be distracting — and even stressful. Plus, your dedicated workspace will help you avoid issues like eye strain and other computer-related problems.

Choose a spot like a desk, table or counter. This area should feel productive and useful for your individual needs, so you can make any adjustments as you see fit. Make sure your chair feels comfortable and you have enough space. Keep your supplies at your workstation to maintain an organized environment. These changes should help you manage your course load successfully.

2. Build a Morning Routine

A morning routine will ensure you’re ready to learn. It’s essential to start each day purposefully so you can navigate your classes. When you wake up five minutes before a class, it’s impossible to retain those lessons. Today, 92 million adults take educational courses in America — and two-thirds pursue work-related programs. Could they balance their lives without a schedule?

You can start by waking up at a similar time every day. If you have a class at noon, it’s smart to set your alarm for around 10:30 a.m. This way, you can dress, eat and complete any other activities on your to-do list. You should feel more aware and alert during your courses. You can also adjust your nighttime routine if you seem to have trouble sleeping. A few small changes can make a significant difference.

3. Connect With Professors and Peers

COVID-19 has created major changes for many people. As a result, you may not be able to study with classmates or meet with professors like you once did. But you can find other ways to make those connections. If you need a teaching assistant to look at your homework, you can set up a Zoom call. There are many ways to remain focused on your education. Try to capitalize on those alternatives.

It’s also important to reach out whenever you need assistance. Of all distance learning tips, using your resources is one of the most essential. They’ll help you transition into your new routine. If you struggle with online classes, you’re not alone. Chat with your advisors and professors for help.

4. Take Frequent Breaks

The human body wasn’t designed to sit for eight hours. Therefore, you should make an effort to move your body as often as possible throughout your day. Feel free to set a reminder on your phone so you can remember to stretch and walk. A little physical activity makes a difference. You may notice your memory seems clearer and sharper over time. As a result, you’ll retain more information.

Take a break after you finish homework, class or any other school-related task. Use your free time to complete your favorite exercise so you’re ready for your next lecture. Remember to drink enough water and eat nutritious snacks. These moments will keep your body and mind prepared. It’s not always easy to manage school, work and other responsibilities. A break can keep you sane.

5. Pick Nutritious Snacks and Drinks

A balanced diet can help you stay focused throughout your school days. You don’t have to alter your eating habits completely. However, you should make changes to ensure you’re strong physically and mentally. For example, you could swap chips for walnuts when you want a snack. These substitutes will keep your brain prepared for new information as you learn.

The same idea applies to beverages. Those energy drinks may keep you awake, but they contain poor ingredients. Instead, try black tea for healthier caffeine intake. You can also switch out soda for seltzer water. As always, you need to consume enough water, too. It may take time to adjust to these new habits for distance learning, but you’ll benefit immensely.

Try These Distance Learning Tips for a Successful School Year

This year’s events have changed everyone’s circumstances. Luckily, you can adopt a few healthy habits for distance learning. Use these ideas for a successful school year.