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5 Steps to the Perfect Bath

posted on October 4, 2017 | by Chelsea Becker

5 Steps to the Perfect Bath

relaxing bath

If there’s one thing I love after a long, stressful day, it’s a even longer bath. Even as a kid, I remember finding solace while in the bath – they always felt like a safe, cozy little way to end the day. And though I’ve given up my rubber duckies, I still treat myself to a bath at least once a week. Especially as the temps cool down in fall, setting your bathroom up for the perfect tub experience is crucial to surviving the hectic holidays and cold nights. All in 5 steps!

Step 1: Fill up

Sitting in warm water feels amazing no matter what, but I personally like to spice things up. I have sensitive skin, so I usually skip the bubbles and go for bath salts instead. Salts are extremely helpful if you had a tough workout earlier in the day or need to detox your system. I’m obsessed with Primally Pure’s Sea Soak but any drugstore epsom salt will do the trick for sore muscles.

Step 2: Dim the lights

While the water is filling up, do what you can to turn your bathroom into a haven. Bright lights won’t do you any favors when you’re trying to wind down, so instead, turn off the lights (or dim them), and light a few candles. I keep some under my sink so they’re easy to grab, and usually pick something relaxing like lavender.

relaxing bath

Step 3: Choose your tunes

Silence is cool, but if you live with other people or want to listen to something other than crickets, choose wisely. Spotify has a great Spa Music station, or something chill like Bon Iver always works. If I’ve had a really stressful day, I’ll turn on a meditation app like Headspace. Even if I don’t meditate the entire time, the calming practice always helps to quiet my mind.

Step 4: Treat your skin

Right before you step in the bath, throw your hair in a top knot and pick out your favorite face mask. The warm water will open up your pores, making it the ideal time for your skin to soak in nutrients. A few of my favorites for this time of year: Herbivore Brighten, Origin’s Rose Clay, and Dr. Jart’s Water Sheet Mask.

Step 5: Keep the tech off

And last but not least, leave your phone on the counter – or better yet, in another room. If you need to keep it in the bathroom for your soundtrack, turn the phone on Airplane Mode. This blocks all notifications so you can give your mind a much needed break from the buzz. To keep the chill vibes going, leave your phone like this until you wake up in the next day (alarms still work in this setting).

Don’t forget to oil up post bath – your skin will be craving moisture after the hot water. Repeat steps 1-5 all fall long for an easy, affordable self-care practice. And enjoy!

P.S. If you’re not blessed with a bathtub, no sweat – a shower can get you the same results.