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5 Things I’ve Learned Since College

posted on May 16, 2012 | by Amanda Holstein

5 Things I’ve Learned Since College

1. Roommates Suck

No matter who it is – your best friend, a craigslist rando, a friend of a friend (who you were told is “awesome”), roommates suck. Now I’m not saying people suck. There’s a big difference here. You could absolutely love your best friend and spend every second of the day together without getting sick of each other. But even so, you’d want to rip her head off if you lived with her. Here’s the thing, the second someone becomes your roommate, it’s as if you’ve begun a business transaction, and we all know you should never do business with friends. There’s just no way to know what someone’s living habits will be, or even what living habits will get on your nerves. I had no idea leaving the lights on was a pet peeve of mine, until I lived with 4 people who didn’t know how to shut off a freakin’ light.

Since you’ll most likely have a roommate regardless of this post, my only advice is don’t expect your living situation to be perfect. Don’t fight it or try to make it your new “adult” home – that will come later. Accept it for what it is and enjoy the craziness of being a twenty something while it lasts; of having beer stained carpets, dirty dishes, hosting parties, pregaming in your bathroom, and sharing shoes with your roomy. See, there are benefits.

2. Family’s Important

As we grow up, we’re always aware of who are our friends, who are our best friends, and who may, for lack of a better word, piss us off. The phrase “friends come and go” always seemed like a silly cliché to me, but now that I’m out in the real world, I get it. There are very few friends you’ll have for life, and the only people who will literally always be there for you are your family. No matter how much you may ignore their calls or drive them crazy with your complaints about your roommate, somehow they still love you – it’s weird, I know, but it’s also pretty awesome.

3. Your Major Doesn’t Matter

My dad majored in Art History; he’s now a venture capitalist. I majored in Psychology; I’m now a fashion blogger. My best friend majored in English, she now works in politics. See the pattern? Exactly, there is no pattern. Whatever your major was in college, it doesn’t have to determine your future. In fact, in the two years since I’ve graduated college, I’ve probably been asked what my major was a total of 5 times, most of which were not from potential employers. So study what you want, and do what you want.

4. There is No Right or Wrong

As kids we’re always told what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”. Whether it be your behavior, your grades, or even your haircut, there was always a distinct answer for everything. But life just isn’t that black and white. Yes, there are patterns that tend to creep up, but when you put billions of imperfect beings together on one massive imperfect planet, how can things possibly be so distinctly “right” or “wrong”? For example, how often do you ask a question that begins with “Is it okay…”? Is it okay that I’m way too tired after my 9-to-5 job to workout? Is it okay that I still haven’t had a “real” boyfriend? Is it okay if I just want to eat cereal for dinner tonight? Yes, people, it’s okay.

5. How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Yea, it’s possible. Check it:

via Sue Peterson of Freshly Picked

What have you learned since college?