7 Must Haves for the Girl On the Go

posted on October 19, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

7 Must Haves for the Girl On the Go

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As I start to really settle into my twenties, I’ve noticed my life getting busier and busier. It’s like I become capable of handling more and more so I keep adding things onto my plate. With this lifestyle comes a bit of chaos. I find myself running from place to place without stopping at home, which means my bag needs to have everything necessary. So for all of you girls on the go, I thought I’d create a list of must haves including some of my everyday favorites.

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1. Coffee To Go

First things first: coffee. In the morning, I barely have time to sit and eat breakfast, but coffee is always a priority. Because my schedule can take me all over town, I don’t like carrying a reusable mug because it takes up so much space in my bag and just builds bacteria during the day. Instead I pour my coffee in a to-go cup, like the Comfort Cup® by Chinet®. They come with lids and everything so I can grab and go in the morning, recycle it when I’m done, and not worry about having to hold it all day!

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2. Mini Brush & Powder

You know when your makeup begins to melt off and you’re left with an oily, blotchy face? Meet my savior: Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder! This stuff works miracles and it’s with me at all times. I also carry a retractable kabuki brush with me to apply it.


3. Portable Charger

I finally picked up a portable charger from my local drugstore and it’s been a game changer. I don’t know about you, but my phone runs out of battery WAY too quickly, so this little guy has been a major life saver!

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4. Face Wipes

Face wipes can be used for just about anything. When my makeup is melting off or my lashes are getting clumpy, I’ll use a face wipe to remove just some of my makeup so I can touch it up. It works much better than piling on more product on top. If I get a little sweaty, I also like to use them under my arms or behind my neck for those hotter days.

5. Makeup To Go

Have you guys heard of Stowaway yet?? They make incredibly luxe makeup in perfectly-sized packaging, just right for “stowing away” in your bag! I always keep their lipstick and concealer on hand for touchups throughout the day.


6. Mini Vaseline

Vaseline has always been a go-to of mine for many reasons. It’s my favorite lip moisturizer (and I hate chapped lips!), it patches up any dry spots (like after you blow your nose in the winter), and can even remove eye makeup. Plus, this tiny packaging is perfect for on-the-go.

7. Snacks!!

I’m the queen of munching on snacks all throughout the day. I’ve never liked huge meals (except for breakfast — who can resist pancakes?), so snacking has become part of my routine. I picked up these super compact tupperware containers and have been keeping trail mix and berries in my bag to snack on throughout the day.


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