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BTS Friday

posted on September 18, 2015 | by Amanda Holstein

BTS Friday

So, I was looking through the photos on my iPhone yesterday and found a few gems from my trip to LA that never made it to the blog…for obvious reasons. Sometimes, the best photos are unplanned and in the moment, and I think it’s unfortunate that you don’t get to see these regularly. So I thought every once in a while I would do a BTS Friday (BTS = Behind The Scenes) to give you a glimpse into what really happens while shooting my blog posts or Instagram photos. I hope these gems make you smile and start your weekend off right. Enjoy!


looking slightly confused, and honeslty, quite bitchy during this shoot


hamming it up for my boyfriend during this shoot

IMG_7479 copy

enjoying the fruits of my labor from this Instagram post


talking too much while trying to get this shot

I hope this made you smile. Have a great weekend!

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