Exploring San Francisco: Cafe Réveille

posted on June 21, 2016 | by Amanda Holstein

Exploring San Francisco: Cafe Réveille

I would never have guessed that Instagram would become my go-to for discovering new restaurants, stores, and coffee shops — not just here in San Francisco, but everywhere. Like 20th Century Cafe and Leo’s Oyster Bar, Cafe Réveille was another Instagram find that I couldn’t help but share with you all.

While Cafe Réveille has a few locations, I highly recommend checking out the one in Mission Bay. After seeing those pink tables on Instagram one too many times, I knew I had to pay a visit. Guys, it’s even better in person. First of all, the space is huge and filled with light. The clean white tables and pale cement floors make the perfect backdrop for the pops of pink & gray. The bar consists of a marble countertop, lined with brass, and finished with a mod print. And those pink tables? They line the outside of the coffee shop and are the perfect place to sip your coffee in the sunshine. Besides the decor, the coffee and food are both amazing too!


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