Choosing the Right Lip Color for Your Outfit

posted on August 26, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

Choosing the Right Lip Color for Your Outfit

It can be difficult enough to make sure your top goes with your skirt, so adding in a lip color can be overwhelming. But sometimes, the perfect lip shade can make or break your look. Normally, I leave the house with just a lip moisturizer on, with random lipsticks and glosses floating around in my purse. But as of late, I’ve been challenging myself to be more purposeful when choosing my lip color because it really does make a difference. If you’re going for a girly look, that perfect pale pink adds just the right flirty vibe. Or if your look is on the edgier side, complete it with something a bit more bold.

Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks from Pinterest and paired each one with a lip color that I feel best suits the outfit. Of course, there are always multiple options, but I think these lip shades compliment each look just right and will hopefully help you next time you’re having trouble choosing the right lip color for your outfit.

Feminine & Soft

This chambray dress in a classic, feminine silhouette is made more modern with the panama hat and loose, natural waves. A modern take on a girly shade of pink is what I went for to complete the look. This peachy pink color in a matte finish adds just the right touch of modern femininity. (outfit | lipstick)


Minimalist & Bold

A sleek white and gray palette allow you to play with just about any lip color. Because of the distressed denim, laid back t-shirt, and cool slides, I thought a fresh, bold color like this orangey red would be the perfect match. (outfit | lipstick)


Bohemian & Girly

Since this dress already has so much going on, a simple swipe of pink gloss adds just the right touch. It doesn’t distract from the look, but compliments it in a natural way. (outfit | lipstick)

anthro dress

Edgy & Cool

This outfit is a combination of all the edgiest trends of the moment. The dark palette calls for a playful, moody lip color like this deep purple. (outfit | lipstick)

grunge outfit

Classic & Casual

An everyday look, like this gray sweater and skinny jeans, doesn’t need much to complete it. A natural mauve adds just the right amount of color to the lip, while maintaining the outfit’s laid back vibe. (outfit | lipstick)

gray sweater outfit

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