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posted on December 13, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein


Remember when you were in high school and ate a bagel every morning for four years and didn’t gain a pound? Yea, that happened. After playing sports my whole life and never thinking twice about what I ate, I headed to college, and for the first time I started to hear girls talk about their weight. It was weird. I’m a carbs girl – cereal, pasta, bagels – they’ve always been my go-to. And then all these girls started talking about watching what they ate and monitoring their weight. It made me wonder if I should be worrying about that too.

So I started watching what I ate. I stopped eating pasta all together once I realized it was basically a bowl of bread (who knew?), attempted to stick to the gross salad bar in our cafeteria, and just remember never feeling satisfied after any meal. Which led to lots of snacking, like, constant snacking. I definitely gained a few pounds and wasn’t fitting into my jeans like I used to, but the important thing was, I didn’t feel happy with myself or with my relationship with food. Food stressed me out. It used to be something I barely thought about. Now it was taking over my thoughts, and these stressful, negative thoughts were just turning into extra pounds.

Once I started settling into college, making friends, and finally feeling comfortable again with my life, I realized I hated the way I thought about food and decided to make a change.  I started to listen to my body instead of my head. I ate what I my body was craving instead of what I thought I was supposed to eat. Because I enjoyed what I was eating and ate what I actually wanted, I was able to stop when I was full. I let myself eat pasta and because I felt satisfied after a meal, I didn’t snack all day. I started to look at food and my body in a more positive light, and became a healthier person, mentally and physically.

It’s been proven that positivity is key to weight management goals. So, as women strive to get back on track this New Year’s resolution season, Special K is working with Tyra Banks to empower women to take a positive approach toward weight management, and I’m all for it. Rather than putting your body down and stressing out about food, let’s start to think more positively in the new year. Do what feels good for you and your body. #FightFatTalk. I feel like we should all high five now.

This post is sponsored by Special K. All opinions are my own.

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