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What kinds of dates are you going on?

posted on November 5, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

What kinds of dates are you going on?

When it comes to dating, I gotta tell you all the truth. I’m not a dinner date kinda girl. I just. get. bored. I love how much more creative people are getting these days with their dates, going to more unique places and trying out new activities. And do you know what this new surge of creative dating means? Soooo many outfit possibilities! Choosing an outfit for a date is difficult enough, but adding a unique activity like going to a concert or a comedy club adds a whole other element. So I’d like to help.

To celebrate this month’s Ford Fiesta Movement theme, entertainment, I thought I’d ask you all what types of dates you’re going on in the entertainment realm. Let me know in your comments below and I’ll round up a ton of outfit ideas for any kind of date and feature them in next week’s post.

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