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What do you want to know about shopping?

posted on October 8, 2013 | by Amanda Holstein

What do you want to know about shopping?

As you know, I’ve been following along with the Ford Fiesta Movement doing my own posts based on each month’s theme (see last month’s post here). I thought about just getting a tattoo like this girl (just kidding mom!!!), but instead went with this idea…

While most of my fashion advice has to do with how to style a certain trend or how to achieve a specific look, I realize I rarely walk through the first step in the process: buying the clothes. Since this month’s theme is style, I thought I’d create a post filled with shopping tips and physically walk you through my process. I’ll head to a store here in San Francisco and document the whole experience: what to wear to go shopping, navigating the store, choosing what to try on, and finally, selecting the pieces to purchase. I have to worn you, I’m a pretty efficient shopper. I can be in and out in 15 minutes (impressive for a shopaholic, right?).

So now I want to hear from you before I go. What store would you prefer I go to? A small boutique or a big name brand? Any brands in particular? Let me know what questions you have about the shopping process in your comments below so I can make sure I cover what you need :).

// This post is sponsored by Ford Fiesta. All opinions are my own.

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