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Quotes from My High School Diary That Still Ring True

posted on May 16, 2018 | by Amanda Holstein

Quotes from My High School Diary That Still Ring True

How many of you guys actually keep a diary? I always had one throughout high school, and, since I save everything (yes, that is my actual diary and real photos from high school above), I thought it’d be fun to take a look through it now that I’m older. Fun may have been the wrong word. It was more like cringe-worthy, but very amusing. What I found most interesting was that there were a few good nuggets in there that I still find to be true. So, you guys get to listen in on my 16-year-old emo self. Ready?

“I have no idea when I’m over-analyzing something.”

Don’t we all wonder that?? So often I find myself thinking through something and wondering if I’m just thinking about it too much. What I’ve learned is, I likely am! Now, I try my best to listen to my gut instinct rather than analyze the situation from every angle trying to find the “right” answer. Because, guess what? There is no right answer! There is only the answer that feels true to you.

“Am I trying to be different? Is that bad?”

Man, I love this one. I’ve always been someone who wanted to do things differently from everyone else. In fact, I’m still like that to this very day! And guess what, it’s not bad to try and be different as long as you’re being true to who you are.

“Maybe I just think I liked him the most because I never really got to know him.”

Umm, nailed it! I remember daydreaming about guys that I thought were perfect for me, but I had literally met them once. It was definitely all in my head! It’s so easy to fantasize or idealize someone you never really got to know. And it’s something we often do as adults when we first start dating someone. We get our hopes up, start dreaming about the future before we even get to know them. What a great reminder to slow down and focus on the present.

“Being myself is the most important thing to me. From now on, my actions are going to reflect my feelings.”

Honestly, I could have said this today and not known the difference. What a great reminder to listen to your gut and just be you.

“Why is life so complicated? Maybe it’s just so simple that we can’t take it and we make it complicated.”

I love this one!! It’s so true. We do tend to make things more complicated than they are (probably by over-analyzing). Sometimes, it’s really just as simple as going with what feels right to you and not worrying about the rest.

“I want to be happy, accept myself, my desire & my needs, be honest with myself, and not worry or care what others think of me.”

Sixteen-year-old Amanda knows me so well. That’s some deep sh*t right there! These are such important reminders that I think we all need to hear even now as adults. Accepting yourself and being honest with yourself makes us so much stronger. It gives us the ability to live the life that we want.

I wanna know, which quote is your favorite?? Have any from your own diary you wanna share??